About Us

“We create board games that take you to unexplored imaginary worlds”

Rhapsody Games P.C.

The Who

Rhapsody Games is a new publishing company created on 2021 by two passionate gamers in Athens, Greece, Anastasios Grigoriadis and George Grigoriadis. Although the company is new, they have over a decade of experience in the board game industry and their work always reflects their respect to the audience and the love to their work.

The Vision

Our vision is to publish games that take players on a journey and provide the means to them to shape memorable moments by creating their own Rhapsodies.

The Goal

Our goal is to create board games based on known or untold stories written by famous or new writers. The players are taking the place of protagonists that explore the world of the author and they experience the dilemmas, obstacles, and adversaries of various parties as they shape their path.


The Team

Anastasios Grigoriadis is the CEO and Lead Developer of the company. He's been playing board games since he can remember walking. His main adversary to all his boardgame designs is his brother. Anastasios has developed more than 50 boardgames over the past 10 years. He is one of the founders of ESPAIROS hobby club in Athens, Greece which is dedicated to RPG, CCG, War games and board games. He is also the organizer of EPITRAPEZIO, the board game design contest, for the past 10 years.

George Grigoriadis is the CFO and Office manager of the company. His role is to cut through red tape, overcome global adversities and beat (successfully) his brother at board games.

Vangelis Galanis is the Lead Graphic Designer of the company. He has a 10 years’ experience on graphic designs in game Industry and almost 20 years in the field. In his free time (cough) he likes to play board games, role playing games or exercising his skills in aerial Pilates!

Anna Mentzeloupou is the Sales and Social Media Manager of the company. She is a Digital Marketing Specialist and Sales Consultant with 6 years of experience, and she is handling and managing the day-to-day operations and special projects, from concept to completion. She can draw on diverse experience to understand needs and develop an effective customer service experience and she holds the reins of Rhapsody Games in the digital world. She likes to play role playing games, board games and to paint miniatures.