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Legal Information

Rhapsody Games P.C.


TAX ID: 801615450.


General Legal Notices

All intellectual property, as well as any information and material that appears on the Rhapsody Games Website belongs to Rhapsody Games unless otherwise specified. Rhapsody Games partners with numerous other companies and trademark/copyright owners that own intellectual property rights to our games as well as material that appears on the Rhapsody Games Website. Use of any of the intellectual property materials on the Rhapsody Games Website is prohibited unless specific permission is granted by the intellectual property owner.


Labor Practices

Rhapsody Games strives to maintain safe, humane, and fair working conditions in the manufacturing facilities with which it does business. Rhapsody Games manufacturing agreements require that these facilities provide employees with safe and humane working conditions, and that they comply with all applicable health, safety, and environmental laws.


Consumer Safety Standards

Consumer safety is of the utmost importance to Rhapsody Games. All Rhapsody Games products comply to EN 71 European standards, the strictest requirements in the industry.